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I Could Not Tie My Shoes

I have had back pain for many years. I just attributed it to my weight, because I knew that I was carrying around at least 40 extra pounds that I really needed to focus on losing one of these days. I figured when I lost the weight, then I would lose the lower back pain as well. When I had trouble tying my shoes not long ago because it hurt too bad to bend over, I knew that I needed to finally see a chiropractor in Corte Madera to see if there was a problem other than my weight.

I was concerned that there might be, because I had always been able to bend over all the way before with no additional pain. That I was actually stopped from doing that because the pain was too much to bear was the first real sign that something else might be going on. There is a chiropractor not too far from where I go to church, so I decided to give them a call and make an appointment. I had the following day off from work, so I was happy that I was able to get in that day.

I had to undergo a physical examination, which included bending over so the chiropractor could see where and when the pain started. The good news is that she was able to determine that the only problem was that my back was out of alignment. After explaining what that meant, she was able to do my first adjustment that day. I wish I could say that everything worked perfectly from that point on, but things did not get that way overnight, so time was needed. I had adjustments done several times over the next three weeks, and that is when I started to feel an improvement. The bonus is that she is helping me to lose weight too since they help patients with overall wellness as well.