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Monthly Archives: March 2017

I Went Searching for Options and Found What I Needed with Chiropractic Help

I guess I got pretty lucky in that I didn’t have any catastrophic medical issues with my body for the first 35 years of life. I know lots of people run into all sorts of situations where they seriously hurt some part of their body and then have trouble over many more years afterwrad. But I went to a San Rafael chiropractor pretty early after receiving some advice from many people I spoke with over the Internet. I struggled at first with pain, but several people told me that’s not necessary and that I should look at other treatment options. That really helped to open my eyes.

I had been to a doctor at times for some minor things. The different doctors had no trouble at all fixing those situations right up, and I had no further trouble with any of them.

I Could Not Tie My Shoes

I have had back pain for many years. I just attributed it to my weight, because I knew that I was carrying around at least 40 extra pounds that I really needed to focus on losing one of these days. I figured when I lost the weight, then I would lose the lower back pain as well. When I had trouble tying my shoes not long ago because it hurt too bad to bend over, I knew that I needed to finally see a chiropractor in Corte Madera to see if there was a problem other than my weight.

I was concerned that there might be, because I had always been able to bend over all the way before with no additional pain.